52. How I Invest (Part 1)
Money & Life 2019.08.22 23:36

This is the final piece of the "Investing" series. I haven't blogged much in the past 3 years or so, and when I did blog regularly, I mostly focused on the principles that I believe and the "why" side of the subject. This would be the "how" side, and although I want to keep talking about "why" most people will find this "how" more interesting. Everyone has different agendas and no matter what th..

52. Investing for 20's (Part 2)
Money & Life 2019.08.18 01:51

Continuing from the previous post... So this was the spreadsheet I shared last time, and I'm going to explain what these numbers mean. There are 4 different scenarios. 2 on the left are investments with Traditional IRAs, and 2 on the right are with Roth IRAs. Traditional IRA is an investment with "before-tax" money, which means you get a tax break on the year you put money in. So, some people i..

51. Investing for 20's (Part 1)
Money & Life 2019.08.11 22:33

I'm thinking about doing something different this time: writing a post all in English. There's a reason for it. I have some friends who are still in their 20's, and a lot of them can't read Korean well. Plus, even those who are more comfortable in Korean, I'm sure they will understand English. When you graduate college and get your first job, you get income that's significantly more than what yo..

50. New (used) Minivan & No Car Payment Still
Money & Life 2019.08.11 15:18

48번 포스팅에 minivan 을 바꾸는 것에 대한 얘기를 했었는데, 그 후로 벌써 1년이 지났고, 다행히도 우리의 old Honda Odyssey 는 잘 버텨주었다. 지난달쯤부터 운전할때 심상치 않은 소리가 나서 oil change 할때 좀 봐달라고 했더니 wheel bearing 의 문제이고 고치는데 적어도 $1,000 은 들거라고 했다. 그래서 지금이 때다 싶어서 car shopping 을 시작했었다. 원하는 차종과 budget 의 range 가 굉장히 narrow 해서 적합한..

49. Investing
Money & Life 2019.07.20 14:20

블로그를 안 쓰면서 보냈던 지난 1년을 한 단어로 표현하자면 "grind" 가 어떨까 싶다. 특별한 이벤트나 변화는 없었고, 한주 한주씩 그냥 앞만 보며 열심히 살아가고 있다. 계획대로 밀려있던 video editing 은 올해 1월에 끝내고 더이상 editing job 은 받지 않고 있으며, 2월초부터 4/15까지는 Tax season 이었기에 지치지 않을 페이스를 유지하며 오버타임 및 격주 토요일 근무까지 잘 견뎌냈고, 5월부터 CPA 시험 공부를 본..

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